Common Area Cleaning

Common Area Cleaning Services

If your property needs common area cleaning services, Tritech Services, Inc. has you covered! We know how important it is that your area looks clean and presentable, and that is why our services include the quality and care that your property deserves! If your apartment or business needs the lobby, stairways, restrooms, and more maintained, we deliver quality results and deliver a professional service you can rely on.

The demands of everyday life can make it difficult to maintain your commercial space and keep it in great condition at all times. Our family-owned company recognizes the hassle of consistently maintaining a clean area, and that is why we want to take the burden off your shoulders! Common areas are especially susceptible to accumulated dirt and grime because it is used quite often and by multiple people. Our professional services will ensure your space is properly maintained.

Lobby in a nice office building with neutral decor

Services we provide:

  • Trash services

  • Vacuuming (carpets, rugs, doormats)

  • Sanitizing

  • Dusting/window sill cleaning

Why Choose Us?

At Tritech Services, Inc., we are more than just a commercial cleaning business. Our professional services ensure that not only your property is taken care of, but that your health is as well! A clean space ensures the safety and health of yourself and the people around you, and we want you to feel confident everything is pristine. Save the time and energy on your end and we promise we will get your common area space looking its best in no time!

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