Clean Office Leads = Higher Productivity & Accuracy.

Cleaning and organizing is crucial to help employees do their jobs more effectively. Reducing germs in the workplace keeps your team healthier — which is important when you consider that a Staples survey found that employees experience a 50 percent drop in productivity when working while sick. Organization keeps staff focused. “If you’re sitting at a desk where exactly what you need is within reach, you don’t have to go look for something,” explains Amanda LeBlanc, professional lifestyle organizer and designer for The Amandas, with offices in Birmingham, AL and Metairie, LA. A few minutes searching for something at your workspace or in the supply cabinet adds up over a week, but research shows the lost physical time is amplified by lost mental time. Researchers at Michigan State University discovered that interruptions that last a scant 4.4 seconds triple the rate of errors on the work we return to. So minimizing unnecessary distractions like looking for a stapler or file boosts output and accuracy.